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Sep 15, 2014
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Sep 15, 2014
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Sep 13, 2014
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Sep 9, 2014
11:02 am
I had been found by this older man with brown scruffy hair and a stubble beard and taken in. He gave me food, cloths, and a job until I was able to leave, but before I left, he gave me one last job. Me, another girl who looked very skinny with long black hair and a sharp, mean looking face, and another guy who was larger,  had brown hair, and was taller than me, were ordered, by the boss- guy who found me- to go out and get food. As in hunt for food, find animals and bring them back. We went to the side of the lake that was near camp; it was open field like a prairie on the corner edge then trees everywhere else, and started looking around there. We hadn't found any animals yet but I went over to a small stone bridge by the waters edge and found some bushes there with edible nuts and herbs. I started picking stuff and making food out of them, then the other 2 people that I was with came over and started gathering stuff too. Awhile after this, I heard a boat in the distance then saw it turn the corner and come towards us; It was one of those small boats with a large fan on the back like you would see in a swamp, and when it got to us, it was the boss that got off the boat. He came to us and asked where the food was, but we didn't have anything to show him. "What the fuck have you been doing out here this whole time?! Goofing off and pick in' flowers?!" Then he knocked the herbs out of the larger guys hand-"I send you people out here to get food and I show up to find you with nothin'. Disgraceful!" I started to feel very uncomfortable and looked down the whole time that he yelled at us but then he calmed down and said," here. Lemmie take those. I'll make you somethin' to smoke." Then grabbed some of the herbs from me, knocking all the other ones from my hand; including the bones, then got some wood and lit it on fire. I got really nervous about this and didn't want to smoke anything. I wanted to go my whole life without doing drugs, but I was also scared about what he would do if I didn't take it. The skinny girl sat on the ledge of the stone bridge to my left and the larger guy stood over by the bushes on my right. And nobody said a word. I was very uncomfortable here and wanted to leave already so I went over to the boss and tried to talk to him. "Hey.. I really want to go home now. I'll pay you back for the food and everything, I just want to go home already." I could tell he got mad at this, then he stood up and looked at me. "You think you can leave? You think you could pay us off for all the food we've given you? The shelter we've provided? The cloths I've given to you? None of that money is even yours, it's ours, and you're never going to pay us off and you're chained here until you do." This was a gang. A place that smuggled drugs. I couldn't stay here. I wanted out of it, I couldn't do stuff like this. "Your next job is to take a package to the south camp, ________." I don't remember what the name was. "She" then he pointed at me,"is not going past ho__  ___ point. Do not let her go any further south. She isn't getting out of here." I felt dread when he said this but I still didn't give up. I was still thinking of plans on how to get out. "So deliver her to ho__ ___ point. Now you'll stop at the middle point" he said, pointing at the thin, black haired girl. "And you'll deliver it to the camp." He said, pointing at the larger man. After this, we walked back to camp and went in to sleep for the night. The next morning we were out in front of the gate, leading to the trail, guarded by bared wire fences, with multiple groups of people and the boss to see us off to make sure nothing bad happened. Or that anyone escaped. The boss started talking then ordered us off. We were going to be running along ways so we were dressed in cool cloths and evened out the package weight. There was a gate in front of the trail and when we were told to go, we ran and dived through the horizontal bars on the gate. As I was running off, the boss yelled to me and I responded with "yes sir" to all that he said. I didn't want to seem suspicious. After a while of running, we got to the first stop. The one I was suppose to stop at. So I turned in and walked down the trail. I wasn't going to stay here like ordered, instead I planned on running further south after I got into the camp grounds. As I was walking down the dirt path a truck had come from behind me, but I didn't hear it. I finally noticed when I heard fast foot steps on the path then I turned around and was grabbed by these people in white. I struggled to get away from them but they lifted me up and threw me into the back of the truck, knocking me out. The next thing I know, I'm inside of a small glass cage with other people, dressed in all white, inside of a large, round,  room that's all white with a large door at the end but all the lights are off, making it dark. Theres another glass cage right next to the one I'm in I look around where I am but I don't recognize it then hear a click- and one of the glass panels in both cages slide up about half way, leading to an opening, and I kneel down to look through it. People start crawling into the opening on both sides and I go after a boy with short blond hair. Now inside of a black, square shaped tunnel, I slowly crawl on my hands and knees; the tunnel being too small to even kneel. The sides had black mesh on them, allowing us to see out of them, and for people to see in. There were gray tubes further ahead with red lasers coming out, like security lasers, and moving up and down. As we got closer to them, the boy in front of me tried to crawl over them but they moved upwards and ended up touching him, setting off something and tying him up, as well as knocking him out. As he lay on the side of the tunnel, making it hard to get through, I look into the tunnel on the right and a taller boy with short brown hair makes it through first and continues on. Since our path is blocked I passed into the one on the right through a hole in the netting that wasn't suppose to be there. When I pass through I see that the lasers are moving much faster so I move back into the left tunnel. I reposition the boy so I can get past him then when the lasers come down I quickly hop over them, almost running into the next laser, but stop myself. This time there is only one laser but it's not moving and right before I start to move past it, it shuts off.. And the tunnel opens at the end  before it turns right, like the other tunnel. I crawl out and see 2 girls standing there in white dresses. One is darker skinned with long, brown, wavy hair, tied up in a high ponytail, and the other girl, who is slightly taller, has shorter, blond, curly hair. Her dress has sleeves though that are sewn to her shoulders. "We stopped the system, you can get out now" the girl with brown hair said, then pointed to the large door behind me to the other girl for her to open it. He hand slipped out from her shoulder then grasped the edge of the door and pulled it open. There was a bright light on the other side that couldn't enter into the dark room that I was in somehow. I stepped out into the light but kept my hand on the thick metal door, holding it open for others to pass through. "Come on, we can all escape now." I said. Lots of people started coming out from the black, square tunnels; the elderly, the young, teens, and they all looked happy. The teens helped the elderly get up and walk through, into the light. As people walked through the barrier between light and dark, the shadow would wash off them and they would be lit up then slowly disappear. I'm guessing that they were going to a good place that I couldn't see because I was still connected to the darkness through the door, leaving my body covered in a shadow still. After everyone had passed through the girls told me to go,"but you haven't gone through yet." I said. Then the girl with the brown hair nodded for the other to go through the light. She looked upset because she didn't want to leave without her the other girl but went ahead through the light. "I have to stay. I must help the others that come through here." Said the brown haired girl, then she ran off. I turned and ran through the door to the other side but as soon as I got there, I was unconscious. When I woke up I was in this large white room, about 3 stories tall, filled with prison cells on each side, stacked on top of each other. The outer wall curved inwards while the inner wall curved outwards, making the shape of a circle I'm guessing, then past the cells were a bunch of tv's in the wall around the 3rd and 2nd floor on the outside wall. There was plenty of noise inside of the building; people talking, the tv's going, and fans. Etc. so it wasn't completely quiet. Below the tv's there were white double doors with very very tiny glass holes in the upper half. I was now in a white hospital looking gown and my hair was lighter.  I found my way to my room/cell that was on the second floor on the right side of the tv's then went and slept. I had been here before though. Everything was familiar and I knew what was going to happen; I also knew that I had organized a plan with everyone for when we were going to escape- and that was tonight. Later in the middle of the night I woke up in an instant, knowing that I needed to get moving. It was already 12:03 and time to get everyone together so I quickly put on long black socks, black pants, my boots, and a dark t-shirt. I snuck out of my room and outside then went to a separate building where we were all suppose to go and when I got there, everything was lit up, the older people had food set up, and everyone was excited/anxious. The food was for us to take when we left so that we had the energy to keep on running. I went over to the tables and grabbed a couple things: 2 biscuits, soup, and water. After I got my stuff I got everyone together and went over the plan again then sent them on their way to where we would all meet up and continue on our way. I was taking a small group of about 4 people, including me, to the grounds where all the people in control lived but before we left, one of the guys with me, Justin, was wearing a bright red shirt and I asked him,"Why are you wearing that?" "I didn't have time to change." He said with a worried look on his face then we left. We had a guy working with us from the inside and so we came to take him with us. He was an old man with a larger body set and flurry gray hair that was balding around the top. When we got close to the side of his house he popped his head in front of the 2nd story kitchen window and smiled at us then motioned us to come to the window but before we could get there one of the guys with us saw a group of patrollers driving around the corner then told us to get down. Justin, another guy, and I slid down into a ditch on the right side of the road while the one who spotted the patrollers hid on the left. We got up after they drove off then got the old man and kept running till we all got to the next town. When we got there the sky slowly melted into a gray, white color, the air got bitter cold, and the roads got covered in ice, like it was winter now. We kept running but when the roads turned to ice we all started to slip; the old man slipped off the right side of road and into a tree along with the boy behind him, another boy slid off into the grass on the left, then me and Justin fell onto our backs and slid to the front of what looked like a church or fancy building. It had pillars in the front that were connected at the top like arches and had decorations carved into them. As soon as we stopped I got up in a hurry then Justin said, "don't move for 5 seconds!" But at the end part of him saying that I flinched my head to the left out of nervousness and the head of the prison came out from around the corner of a house, holding his arms and hands up like "oh well, you tired~" The head of the prison was about my hight, short for a man, had short black hair with glasses and was wearing a business suit. A bunch of soldiers came out all around us at the same time he did with him then pointed their guns at us. I looked at him with anger as he walked towards us and said,"You can't get away from us~! We know everywhere that you'll be~" when he got in front of the pillars I yelled out to everyone,"bite their throats out- do anything to kill them!" Then I ran at the head, got on his back, then started biting him. His skin didn't feel normal though, it was rubbery and thick, making it hard to get through, but eventually I did then pushed him onto the ground and started kicking his skull in. Everyone was fighting as the head lie dead on the street, his head looking like a mask that had been stomped on, not a real head. "It doesn't matter if you take off his head, they still program your fate." A little girl was standing in front of the dead head, fighting with one of the soldiers, dressed in a warm lolita styled dress and coat. I had no idea where this kid came from but when she said that, I felt a wave of dread come over me. I felt like it was hopeless, that I had failed, and wasted everyone's time. After that, I woke up. 

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